Tourists, returning from their long trip, wish to bring back home a piece of the country with its color and a piece of its culture as a memory of the wonderful days they enjoyed during their trip. Armenia, an ancient country with rich traditions, in that sense, is simply an inexhaustible fount.


There are a lot of souvenir shops and stores inYerevan. The goods in these shops are replenished daily, so you can find gifts for friends and family for every taste. But there is one place in Yerevan you should definitely visit - Vernissage! You will not find anywhere else such an abundance of truly great pieces of artwork, such a big variety!


Moreover, often the artists themselves sell their own pieces; therefore, everything, rather every piece of artwork, has special energetics, shining in their creators’ eyes. A lot of tourists rush here to enjoy the uniqueness, beauty and diversity and take back home the best specimens, touching their hearts. Here they can find antique rugs, clothing in ethnic style, shoes, hats, bags, wooden and metal utensils, ceramics and simply souvenirs, made of natural stone, wood and various metals, reminding them of the places they visited. Amazing, unique jewelry made of precious and semi-precious Armenian stones, inlayed in silver! Silver necklaces and belts of ancient Armenian design, unique bijouterie! No woman can resist this. For men stainless steel knives inlaid with precious and semi-precious metals and stones, silver cigarette cases and old coins, decorated with styled ornaments and inscriptions, of course, will be more attractive.


Paintings or rather the art gallery under the shady oaks and sycamores take a special place in Vernissage. You can walk around and admire the paintings of modern masters, meet and talk with the artists on the spot, buy your favorite paintings or order one: a portrait, still life or landscape.


It should be noted that the prices at Vernissage are pretty fair. When you purchase multiple items, it is worth bargaining - you will definitely get a discount. And if they don’t have the item you want at the moment, you can always place an order to get it within a few days.


Please, be aware that you can only visit Vernissage on a Saturday or Sunday, so plan ahead your intercourse with Beautiful.