Not far from Yerevan, in the village of Zovuni is situated a poorly studied hill on which stands the fortress "Karmir Blur" ("Red Castle"), dating from the VII century. The ruins of the fortress, residential and farm buildings are well seen. But there are also seen much more ancient layers. In the northern side of the hill located the remains of a massive Cyclopean masonry (VII-V century BC). On one of the stones of the masonry, at a later period, was applied cuneiform. According to Artak Movsisyan and several other scientists Armenian cuneiform is from the Assyrian period. It also reviewed and more recent buildings and tombs III-II millennium BC, similar to Agaraki and Metsamor. But what is even more surprising - the lower layers of the hill have the traces of high tech stone processing (similar to the Egyptian pyramids), the age of which we can only guess ... just layers of history in a cut!