Very many secrets hide grey-haired Aragats. Looking at it you involuntarily remember legends about giants, about fights of Gods. Just in the country Ararat there was a grandiose fight between Vaagn and Vishap: “From their blows the Earth shuddered, and an echo responded from bottomlessness universe. They long fought. Gods with horror watched their duel. Only the Creator (Ararich Ara) easy looked from above, considering the decision”.

Three majestic mountains - Ararat, Aragats and Araler as though embrace mountain plains, protecting them from different directions and forming a huge bowl in which possible to take cover from all troubles and a hardship. Involuntarily on mind we compare it with Noy ark, whether found the haven on Ararat and kept life and civilisation sprouts. And may be this bowl just a Noy ark – the ark of legacy for new generations and new civilisations?

All Armenia is simply paradise for archeologists. But foothills of Aragats is something unique! All foothills, and mountain covered by ancient settlements of various epoch. Аshtarak, Oshakan, Voskevaz, Voskegat, Kosh, Abaran, Shamiram, Arindzh... The list can be continued infinitely, but also it will not reflect a reality. Here each square metre can open set of secrets and riddles of our general ancestors - Indo-Europeans (ar-Aryans). Information of archeologists is very avaricious and practically not present in literature.

Excavation in Agarake is conducted since 2001. Top layers well give in to dating and concern epoch from early bronze to early iron. Bottom (megalithic) cult layer causes set of questions. Downstream the river Amberd – we are see continuously proceeding on tens hectares tuff rocks, exits, stony hills and natural plateaus and also separate blocks. All of them have signs of intensive processing. All these structures, together with «sacrificial altars» transform a natural landscape into a uniform huge monument.


Independently investigating a monument and near lying territories, we have found out some tombs and caves, ancient signs, petroglyphic painting, an ancient waterpipe, as well as unique power points and stones, some of which can treat, and others are keys for improvement a power information exchange with space.


Really, we have a lot of questions. For example: what mean a various kind cuts-dredging-strips and trays; for what round apertures with various diameters and depth? Equal cuts and joints of megalits - a human handwork or unknown to us devices or tools?


When we studying materials about Agarak we have encountered very beautiful parable. In it spoken that each person is born under the star which conducts it on life. When the person died in a tombstone was break through a round aperture for preservation of outer-space communication with the star. After a rain this aperture were filled with water and in them stars were reflected. Probably from there was a concept - a soul mirror.

Questions, questions, questions... But already now it is possible to tell with confidence that the history of these places withdraws us to much farther times - to civilisation sources.