Мост Сатаны

Going down the serpentine road in the gorge you will find yourself on the "Bridge of Satan." Such an unbelievably beautiful place would inevitably give birth to a legend, and of course to the legend of love. In ancient times, on both slopes of the gorge was a village. In one a brave man was living, in other one – a beautiful girl. They secretly met at the narrow bridge connecting the two banks. But one day, an earthquake destroyed the bridge and torn apart the lovers forever. They sat for a long time, each on top of his rock looking at each other. And it was impossible to meet. Never again. But one day from the steep slopes of the gorge began to grow strange blocks of stone that connected to the bridge. They met again and never be apart onwards. But their happiness was marred forever: shortly after the marriage a young wife learned that Satan helped them meet, to whom her husband paid with his soul.

And yet, why such a title? The bridge connecting the two ends of the gorge created by nature itself and stands in the way of the powerful mountain river Vorotan like swallowing it. The river goes under the rocks and appears in a few hundred meters deep in the gorge, forming a beautiful lake.

In the legends of almost all the nations of the world, there are stories about the sources with live and dead water. Armenia in this regard is not an exception. Near Tatev there are three completely different sources, but each of which is interesting individually. One is out of the mountain, forming picturesque pools and karst caves with radon water, which purifies the organism (body) and treats many diseases. Another - with almost distilled water allows people to upgrade as restart of a computer, and hence recovery. A few sips of the third spring, situated in a deep, inaccessible gorge, can lead to fatal. So the tales become true stories.