Voskevaz. If you literally translate the name of this village, you get a "Golden Vine". In fact, here high-quality grapes are grown, which can be called golden vine. Climate of foothills Aragats, pure spring water, and the very stony soil creates favorable conditions for the most complete fermentation of sugars and flavors. The famous pink wine "Sherry", made with no added sugar, has unparalleled taste and aroma.

Voskevaz is not only famous with wine.

The foothills of Aragats never cease to amaze. Here again we see the ruins of the ancient fortress "Ahtamir" (III BC), the ancient city and temples of various ages (V-VII centuries.). Despite the fact that virtually no excavation, even the first, a quick review allows to distinguish several archaeological layers. A megalithic granite stele, set on the edge of the gorge, generally goes back to time immemorial, and the cult of the phallus... It is interesting that in the study of many stelae, set in various parts of Armenia, we have come to the conclusion that they are "energetically work." When working with dowsing rods geomagnetic anomaly is detected, and at different sides of the stele shows different polarity. 

Nearby you can see scattered everywhere architectural details with amazing ornaments, inscriptions and signs. Here is a crumbling ancient necropolis.