Brandy Factory

ARARAT Brandies are truly considered to be one of the national symbols of Armenia.

Thanks to the unique climate of Armenia, in particular, the Ararat valley, situated at 700 m above sea level and enjoying an average of 300 sunny days a year, the grapes have maximum aroma and sugar concentration. Also, in the Ararat valley there are over 30 types of soil and crystal clear spring water, as a result even a single grape variety can have multiple flavours. That’s why ARARAT cognacs are distinguished by being diverse and having wider range of taste than other brandies. They have deep amber color, rich aroma, rich taste with velvety texture and long finish. The original double distillation method, patented by Yerevan Brandy Factory, allowing passing all of the unique features of Armenian grapes along into the brandy spirits, also contributes to this. Aging of cognac (at least 3 years) occurs in barrels made of the oak growing in Armenia. Due to its dense rose-tinted structure Caucasian oak gives the brandies a natural flavor of vanilla, chocolate and dried fruits. And thus was born a unique and inimitable bouquet of ARARAT Brandies.

The first guild merchant Nerses Tairyants founded brandy production in Armenia in 1887. In 1877 he built the first Armenian wine and brandy distillery in the territory of the former Yerevan Fortress.  Later, in 1899 it was sold to the Russian manufacturer Nikolay Shustov. In 1900 Shustov presented their products at the exhibition in Paris, where Armenian brandy received the Grand Prix. As a sign of respect to the quality of the product they made an exception and granted him the privilege to put the word ‘cognac’ on his labels instead of ‘brandy’, as it should naturally be for the spirits made of grapes not growing in the province of Cognac . This was the beginning of a victorious campaign. But the Armenian product received its highest recognition, when “Shustov and his Sons” company was honored to be appointed as one of the suppliers of His Imperial Majesty’s court among other 30 local and foreign entrepreneurs.

Many prominent people, such as Sir Winston Churchill, were fans of Armenian cognac. Stalin personally controlled supplies of Armenian ‘Dvin’ cognac to the British Prime Minister’s table regularly. When aged Churchill was asked what the secret of his longevity was, he answered without hesitation: "Never be late for dinner, smoke Hawaiian cigars and drink Armenian cognac!"

Since 1998, the Yerevan Brandy Factory became a part of the French Pernod Ricard group. From the very beginning to the present day Armenian brandies have been awarded numerous international prizes and medals, which is the evidence of continuity of rich traditions and the highest quality of the product?

Yerevan Brandy Factory is a perfect place, where you can learn on-site the details of brandy production techniques and taste this legendary drink.