Tatev monastery

You can get to Tatev Monastery, the pearl of Armenia, literally through air by the longest in the world cable car (5.7 km), meantime enjoying incredibly beautiful mountain landscape. The Monastery was built between IX and XVIII centuries, but the construction reached its peak in XIII century.

 Amazingly beautiful and majestic Tatev Monastery is located at the edge of a cliff of a 500-800 meter deep canyon. However, you don’t feel fear standing at the edge of the abyss. On the contrary, you feel like taking off to observe a bird’s eye view and absorb all the vastness of the space and beauty. At all times Tatev has been the center of knowledge. On a fairly small area during the Middle Age there were three monastery-universities. One of the manuscripts includes interesting information on how the teaching of the sciences was done: “In one department they taught music, melodious motives, by the teacher, who was the first in this field; and many students from different countries and cities studied here. In another department they taught different types of Art. And finally in the third department they taught Christian literature and non-Christian secular and pagan sciences”.


 Here is the 8th Wonder of World, the swinging pole – a hinge-based stone pillar, fenced and carefully guarded by thick stone walls. There are millions of columns, pillars, obelisks in the world, but only in Tatev a multi-ton pillar can swing at a mere touch of a hand! Using their fundamental knowledge in the field of astronomy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, philosophy, architecture and construction, our ancestors established this unique pillar, where the mysteries of the universe, the mysteries of that time, the secrets of the calendar have been encrypted. The swinging pillar is a celestial compass pointing to the constellation of Orion. (reference)


Going down the serpentine road toward the gorge, you find yourself on the Bridge of Devil. Why was it named ‘Bridge of Devil’? The bridge connecting the two ends of the gorge, created by Nature itself, is on the way of the powerful mountain river Vorotan, as if swallowing it. The river runs under the rocks, and passing a few hundred meters, it appears again in the gorge, forming a beautiful lake.


Almost all nations of the world tell legends about the Live/Dead water springs.Armeniais not an exception. There are three springs not far from Tatev, each interesting in its own way.  One of them, originating under the mountain, forms picturesque basins and karts caves with radon water, which cleanses the body and cures many diseases. The other, with distilled water, helps people to ‘re-charge’ (just like re-starting computer helps to update), hence recover. And just a few sips from the third spring, located in a deep inaccessible gorge, could result in lethal outcome. Shortly, here fairy tales become true stories.