The main priority of tourism company “DISCOVER NEW TRAVEL” is individual approach to each Customer. We offer a variety of opinions for tours from economy up to VIP-level, taking into account your budget, wishes and principles. At the same time, we also offer individual services:

ü  Hotel reservations and private apartments

ü  Reservation of airline tickets

ü  Transport service

ü  Maintenance of guides

ü  Accompanied by the head of exclusive tours

ü  Rent of some tours ammunition and vehicles


Useful information for tourists

What do you need to take with you for a trip? Of course, you need to take the most necessary things, especially, if you intend to visit several countries or cities. You don’t need to burden yourself with superfluous weight. You should take into consideration what country you are going to visit, the climatic and environmental conditions, type of vacation you are going to choose.

-        First of all, you should take the passport (international passport) and pay attention on the validity f the document (it should be not less than six months in power) and possession of visa, if needed.

-        You should think about the currency ahead, the exchange rates in the country you are going to travel, while it’s good to have bills of different denominations. Do not keep your money in one place, in one pocket. Arrange them on a small amount; while in the case of lost or stolen, you will not lose all the money at once. The best thing is to put money into the inner pocket, which must be buttoned. Special purses, which are worn around the neck under clothing, are very popular among the Europeans (also a good variant). For security never show large sums of money in the shops or other public places. And of course, produce currency exchange only in specialized exchange offices.

The national currency of Armenia is dram (AMD). To see the exchange rate of the Central Bank, visit our website. You can also use plastic cards in Armenia.

-        Travel first aid kit. At a complete kit you need to take the medicines that are best suited to you. This first-aid medicines for headaches, stomach disorders, fever and allergy tools, ear and eye drops, antibacterial band-aid.


Being in the hot countries, such as Armenia, try to use plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.   During the day, you are required a hat and sunglasses. Remember that the people with high blood pressure can feel bad because of the extreme heat. In general, a period of adaptation and acclimatization in the country with different climate is from one day to a week.

-        Personal hygiene items. Take a toothbrush and toothpaste (and men even shaving supplies). Soap and shampoo are usually always offered in hotels, but are they suitable for your skin type and hair? It is better to bring a small bottle of shampoo and shower gel. In the summer season you should stock up sun cream.

-        As for clothes, of course, up to you, but you must take into account the season, the climate and the type of travel. For example, if you choose our esoteric-archeological tour, you just need sports clothing and sports footwear. In Armenia, as in a fairy tale, you can meet all the four seasons in a day. So, going on a certain route, consult further.

-        Do not forget to bring your camera, a spare memory card (or even several), camcorder, cell phone and battery chargers. If you surf the Internet, you can take a laptop.