The general provisions are applied to all kinds of orders. On this page the Contractor is “DISCOVER NEW TRAVEL” LLC and the Customer can be all the persons turned to the company for services.


Order (contract):

-        The order, made by the electronic communication, is considered confirmed by bilateral agreement, if a positive review-response “Final Confirmation” has been given from the Customer to the Contractor by email.

-        Bilateral confirmed order is a basis for the fulfillment of all contractual obligations.

-        Deviations from the tour program are possible, in agreement with the Contractor or the team leader, under the personal risk and expense of the Customer, and are not compensable.

-        No matter, the Customer will service himself, or it will be given to the third person, the listed obligations are binding for both the Customer and for the person receiving the order.

-        The parties are not responsible, if the obligations were not fulfilled under the force-majeure circumstances (earthquake, flood, war the cessation of communication, the situations bearing universal nature in the area or building etc).

The Customer has the right:

-        For an integrated tourism services provided by the contract and tour program.

-        To receive a complete and objective information from the Contractor (in a plain language) related to tourism, laws and rules of residence, about customs, social and religious ceremonies, the rules of conduct of the indigenous population, cultural, archeological, architectural, historical and natural values, the insurance terms and conditions of contract for the provision of tourism services in the country (place) of arrival.

-        To protect personal safety, health and consumer rights.

-        To promote the government (local authorities) of the country (place) temporary stay in obtaining legal and other types of emergency.

-        To use other rights, provided by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

-        With unhindered access to the means of communication.

The Customer ought to:

-        Comply with the conditions and rules specified in the contract for the provision of tourism services.

-        Fill in the order form exact information. When changes occurred in the order, notify the Contractor at least 5 days before the delivery. Otherwise, the Contractor is not responsible for the situation created as a result of changes.

-        Pay for services by the Contractor, if there is no any reached agreement. The payment shall be made in AMD (dram) or in currency of the country in which the Customer arrives (or at the rate of the day).

-        Notify the Contractor within 10 days before the implementation of the order, in case of failure or delay of any order otherwise the Contractor shall have the right not to refund the deposit. If the payment was not, the Customer shall pay a penalty of 30% of the order. If the service is booked for 10 or more people, with the arrival cancellation policy of at least one of the participants 30 days before the deadline arrived, the Contractor has the right to keep the deposit.

-        Pay a penalty of 30% of the total order, confirmed the bilateral agreement, in case of absence on the day of acceptance of the order.

-        Pay the Contractor a penalty of 2% of the order amount for each day of delay, in case of delayed payment for services rendered.

-        Comply with the legislation of the country (place) of residence; respect its social structure, customs, traditions and religious beliefs. Not to disturb the public order, to comply with fire safety regulations, take care of the material things given to him for temporary use, and in the case property damage or equipment, compensate for the damage or reimburse the costs of the repairs.

-        Preserve the environment, and care for the monuments of nature, history and culture in the country (place) of temporary residence.

-        Comply with the entry into the country (place) of temporary stay, leaving the country (place) of stay and stay there, as well as in transit.

-        Notify the Contractor of any arisen problem or difficulty as soon as possible.

-         Observe rules for personal security while traveling.

The Contractor undertakes to:

-        Provide comprehensive information about the selected tour by Costumer, duration of the tour, hotel category, type of food, excursions, and transport modes; as well as about the host country, political environment, weather, exchange rates, etc. 

-        Communicate with the Customer and inform about the possibilities of the implementation of the order within 2 days after receipt of the order, and to answer the questions.

-        Execute the order qualitatively and in time, confirmed the bilateral agreement.

-        Notify the Customer at least 2 days before the order, giving him the conditions equivalent to Contractual, when changes occur in the preparation of order, not under a bilateral agreement.