Trip to Armenia is trip to the roots.

For lovers of antiques and art is hard to find the best treasure of rarities than Armenia. Pagan shrines and Urartian fortress, cave cities and hidden in the mountains castles, gorges gallery, store collection of bas and unique murals in an abandoned monastery - it's hard to list everything you can see here the traveler. More than four thousand monuments, generously scattered across the ancient land, to take account of, and how many more waits to be discovered! And, despite the large number, the local sights are surprisingly diverse, not like anything had seen before. Tell me, have you ever met covered with thinnest stone carving delicate cross-stones - the cross-stones? And have you ever been in caravanserai (ancient guest-house), which stands on a mountain pass, or, for example, in the home of prehistoric man? Have you kept in the hands just found by you а colorful, decorated shreds of thousands of years?

Armenia is called the "Land of Stone", in fact - is a real open-air museum - a country that is open to those who are not afraid of a long journey, who is ready to get off the asphalt, to climb mountains, or go down to inaccessible gorge. Going from "room" to "room" of this wonderful museum, you can get acquainted with both  to well-known masterpieces of Armenian architecture - Gurnee, Gegard, Echmiadzin, Zvartnots Haghartsin Noravank ... and a few famous monuments of ancient architecture - Yenokavan, Khndzoresk , Karahundzh, Noraduz, Aggudi ... create a holistic view of the rich cultural heritage of the Armenian people.

Yes, Armenia has its unique exotic. In the ancient churches and castles, mountain lakes and rivers, majestic cliffs, in the dizzying canyons hid thousands of stories and a lot of secrets. If you want to experience the feelings that overwhelmed Columbus with the discovery of America, if laurels discoverers do not give you sleep, if you just cannot sit at home - heading for the South Caucasus, in sunny Armenia. Let the motto for your camping trip for beauty and knowledge will serve as the words traveler and artist Rockwell Kent: "If they ask me where on our planet you can find more miracles, I would call first of all Armenia ..."

For the traveler in Armenia attractive is that over a short period of time on a small territory, he can feel the course of thousands of years, the unity of the past with the present. Ancient architectural monuments, unique traditions and customs, delicious cuisine, exclusive handicrafts handmade and unique nature of the course (where high mountains are replaced by deep gorges, forests - semi-desert and arid plains - snow capped mountains) - all these are waiting for you in Armenia.

If you have already decided to visit Armenia, you will benefit following information:


Official Name:

The Republic of Armenia - (Hayastani Hanrapetutyun).


Form of Government:

Presidential Republic.





Major Cities:

Gyumri, Vanadzor. 


Official Language:




Christianity, adopted as a state religion in 301. Armenian Apostolic Church.

Monetary Unit:

Armenian dram, introduced in 1993.



3266400 ppl. (according to 2011). 


Ethnic group:

Armenians - 96%.



Russians, Yezidi, Kurdish, Assyrians, Greeks, Ukrainians, Jews and others.



29 740 square kilometers.


Wed Height Above Sea Level:

1800 meters (90% territory of Armenia is above 1000 meters).


The Highest Mountain Peak:

 Aragats (4095 meters)

/ The highest point in the region and historical symbol of Armenia - Mount Ararat (5165 meters), since 1921 in the territory of Turkey/


The Lowest Point:

River Gorge Debed (380 meters).


Time Zone:



Tel. code:



Internet TLD:



Electrical Voltage:

220 volt, 50 Hz.



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