Tour agency “Discovery Tours” - diversified and dynamic travel company to mass market, business and individual tourism, providing a full range of travel services.

High professionalism of our staff, reliable and strong relationship with Armenian and foreign partners are indisputable guarantee of your unforgettable holiday. Tourists for us – are not only clients, but first of all  personal guests, which we intend to adopt as relatives, tell about us, get acquainted with our hotbed,  shrines,  our culture, favorite places, cuisine and do it all on the highest level.

We offer the most different variants of tours from econom to VIP level, taking into account your budget, wishes and principles.

We value our clients and strive to make our service accessible to everyone, carefully tracking all requests from the receipt of the company - before returning to the tourist home, paying special attention to the quality of services at all stages, providing a choice of payment of travel services in a convenient form for the clients.

We work so that you could be able to have rest in comfort and pleasure!

 Main directions of the work of the company:

-        Historical-cultural tours;

-        Historical and archaeological tours;

-        Esoteric-astro-archaeological tours;

-        Scientific-study tours;

-        Ecological;

-        Ethnical tours;

-        Extreme tours;

-        Intensive, business and business tourism;

-        Transportation;

-        Hotel reservation;

-        Flight reservation.


We will help you to realize your dream!

The main priority of the tour company “Discovery tours” is the individual approach to every client, and mainly:

-        Professional approach in providing a full range of tourist services ( from booking hotels to the developments of complex routs);

-        Perfect knowledge of tourism product offering to the clients;

-        Orientation to the client (We always carefully study the clients wishes and are in close contact with him on the questions of  organization and his trip or travel);

-        Providing a high level of service for all the stages  of a work with client;

-        Implementation of obligations to clients and partners;

-        Providing a choice of payment of tourist services for clients in comfortable form;

-        Flexible pricing policy for clients;

-        Corporate culture and politeness of staff -  “We work for  You”!


The history of our company began from a usual trip to the country. This time we went to Tatev with the whole family. From the first minutes we have been won by the beauty and extraordinary power of these places, which give, as we have described our condition, immeasurable, causeless happiness and contentment.  We set up our tent near the village Galidzor in the very picturesque location on the edge of the gorge in the forest. As it later turned out, we set up tent in the center of the ruins of prehistoric settlement - the ancient city (we have already had the argument to call this place a city). At the very moment that place charmed us. Though every year in the same time we went to the same place, only in 2005 the city appeared from nowhere and started to open its secrets slowly. At first it had eye on us, wondering -  whether it could trust us, but then it did not let us away from itself, tossing all new and updated information, facts and artifacts. Invisible but palpable energy of the city was directed us, put before us some problems, which were being solved, we rose to a new level of consciousness.  This was only the beginning, and the thing that we faced then is just incredible!  Returning to the past – to the basics, we appeared in the future! Fantastic?... No! Reality! Before us were parted long lost knowledge of ancient advanced civilizations, the mystery of time calendar, unbelievable features of the subtle energies that are able to treat not only the soul but also the body allowing to establish contact with the energy field.  We decided to create a travel company, so that to share the results of our research, personally carry out all energy points and channels as more people, as we are sure that exactly the return to high spirituality and knowledge can restore natural harmony in oneself and in the world.  

Armenia  –  an ancient country, the unique. Uniqueness lies in the fact that you can trace the path of human development and civilization from its origins to the present day, to get acquainted with the rich cultural heritage of the country. Exactly for it we offer also others, historical-cultural tours. And ecological clear mountains, rivers and healing springs allow for the organization of medical, eco-, agro-and ethno-tours, as well as extreme and caving tours.