I Have Found A Lost City


In the summer of 2006 my family and I were travelling in Syunik. We – that's me Lilit, my mum, my daddy (he is not in sight, because he is filming) and our dog - Rem. Syunik is the country of miracles in our Armenian world.  To say more Goris seems to me the most beautiful city of Armenia. These rocks and caves in which there lived our ancestors, being protected from enemies, seem to me the greatest knight fortress of the world. Here, I felt myself like a princess in my own castle. Admiring miracles of the nature, I  tied a handkerchief on a’’ tree of dreams’’ and  asked, for a miracle to happen with me this summer. In the mountains I found a small water pool in a stone where like in a mirror I saw myself and the boundless sky. This very day we travelled to the ancient village of Halidzor down the river. My friends joined us and so we  made the whole marching fellowship. In these places there are amazing caves with wonderfull pool of curing water saturated with minerals and radon.  The locals say that one shouldn't stay in this water more than 12 minutes. The canion was so beautiful, that we did not want  to get out of the water. The road led us to a strange place covered with thick wood. I notised that stones looked like ruins. Soon I was convinced, that practically all stones were shaped and a few minutes later I suddenly saw a real wall  laid of stones. It was rather strange to find such a construction in a deep wood. The locals knew nothing about that.As exploration went on, I found pieces of clay jugs. Then there appeared unbelievable stone pyramids. I suddenly realized, that my dream came true- I became the witness of a miracle. I found a lost city. Who had lived here? Why were these strange constructions and pyramids built? What did these strange plates ,reminding the melting pots serve for ? Perhaps our ancestors had melt gold or silver here? Why was this city abandoned and forgotten, what unexplainable force rushed me here? I thought of all this, while being in abandoned church,located nearby. How many undiscovered things, places and secrets there are in our small country. I wanted to see a miracle and I did sew the miracle. It was required to pass this long and complex way, to bear rain and heat, to wait and believe, but the most important - to love. To love this lend, this sky, this world … And the world will answer you with the same love. The miracle won’t happen, if you aren’t ready for it, you won’t meet love, if you don’t search for love and don’t  wait for love.

 I thought, that every day and night – is a real miracles if you live with love. In the morning I  woke up very early and  met the Sun, met a new day - the usual miracles of the old world which should be accepted openheartedly and with gratitude.