"The lost knowledge of the ancients. Secrets of Time. "

Тhe 2nd International Scientific and Practical Conference «Theory of Time of the astrophysicist N.A. Kozyrevand interaction with the Informational Space ".

Moscow, November 25-26, 2017 

Vazgen Gevorgyan and Elena Gevorgyan – independent researchers, Yerevan, Armenia: "The lost knowledge of the ancients. Secrets of Time. " 

(Based on the results of joint Russian-Armenian studies).

 Part 1:

 Photo: 1. Tatev monastery.

 One of the greatest mysteries of the world is the secret of time, the mystery of the calendar. It is a surprising fact that ancient civilizations possessed this knowledge in perfection. According to Graham Hancock, the famous researcher of the ancient civilizations, today it isArmeniathat can become a key to unraveling the secrets of the ancient world.

 When we discuss Christian churches inArmenia(IV - XIII centuries), we see that all of them, without exception are built on the foundations of the older pre-Christian temples, which in turn were built on the grounds of even more early sanctuaries, going into the very deep antiquity. Knowledge that is stored and accumulated for many centuries and millennia is simply amazing...

Historiography ofArmeniaindicates that in addition to the religious teachings, ancient Armenian monasteries-universities had been engaged in the study of various secular sciences - astronomy, mathematics, physics, philosophy, logistics, alchemy, musical metrics, etc.

 But all these sciences were based on the deepest knowledge in the field of astronomy, on the knowledge of motion of the heavenly bodies, on immutable laws of cosmos, on the time, on the calendar. The ancient Armenian language serves as a proof to this - it reveals the profound ideology of both scientific and commonly used words.

 Our ancestors regarded time as energy-information currents, synchronization of which ensured the cosmic harmony of the world in accordance with the natural biorhythms. Over time, unfortunately, this knowledge was lost or probably intentionally distorted. But our wise ancestors still left their heritage, embedding this knowledge in the architecture, geometry and symbolism of the churches.

 As our report will center around the constellation of Orion, we would like to list a few facts pertaining to Orion as a reference.

 Orion is the most vivid and the most remote equatorial constellation and therefore is the most stable constellation for observations. Moreover, our solar system is located in the sleeve of Orion and somewhat follows it to the center of the Galaxy, being under its influence ...

The constellation of Orion was the most revered and even deified by many ancient civilizations.

Orion is Asar inEgypt, later renamed by the Greeks into Osiris. The Greeks themselves called it Orion, Mayans called it Virakocha, Azteks called it Quetzalcoatl and Indians – Vishvaveda.

 In Armenian tradition, the constellation Orion bears the name of the progenitor Hayk and is called the constellation of Hayk. It is noteworthy that for his own people Hayk was never a god. In the memory of the Armenian people Hayk is imprinted as a collective image. He is: the ancestor-progenitor of the Armenians; the winner and the liberator; the founder of the statehood, the science and the calendar; the lawmaker on a cosmic and planetary scale - in a comprehensive manner, ensuring integrity of the universe, the inseparable connection of heaven and earth, a man and space. From Hayk there is also the endonym (or self-name) of the Armenians - "Hay", and their Homeland - "Hayastan", which literally translates as “the home (place, space) to observe the stellar information”.

 The ancient Armenian word "hav" is translated as grandfather, great-grandfather, beginning of the beginning (here Hayk is both the great-grandfather, and the beginning of the beginning). From the same root comes the word "havat" - faith, and "havasar" - balance (let’s remember the Egyptian Asar), and in terms of the root meaning “havasar” literally means information about the beginning of time according to the constellation of Hayk.

 We have been dealing with the subject of the lost knowledge of our ancestors for seventeen years. We organize various expeditions to the most ancient sites ofArmeniaincluding international ones, we invite specialists of various fields and process obtained results. The tasks of the last expedition were: examination of ancient sites from the astronomical point of view and the continuation of the long-term measurements of the energy information field and its changes during the rise of the constellations of Orion and Sirius.

 E. G. Gienko took part in the expedition. Mrs. Gienko is a Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Astronomy and Gravimetry. She is an astroarcheologist and geodesist fromNovosibirsk. We have researched the following ancient sites: Metsamor, Karahunge, Zvartnots and the ancient monasteries of Tatev, Noravank and Vorotnavank.

 First astroarchitectural object – Tatev monastery.

Measurements and calculations have been performed using four methods:

 - by GPS-navigator (creation of waypoints, routing);

 - from the photo of the shadow, from the fixations of the time (according to the hour angle of the Sun);

 - on the Yandex map (protractor);

 - with the help of a geodetic theodolite;

 - with the help of the astronomical program "StarCalc".

Tatev Monastery was founded in 895. This is one of the most important monasteries ofArmenia, once a scientific center, a university and an observatory. According to the testimony of Stepanos Orbelian, the Armenian historian of the Syunik region, another name of the Tatev complex is "Ditanots", which means - observatory. The most mysterious on its territory is the architectural monument - or the Swinging column on the hinged basis. The very word"Gavazan" is revealed as the entrance to the heavenly waters or the entrance to the temple of heavenly knowledge ... This is one of a kind, octagonal stone pillar, the height of 8.3 m,

consisting of 12 rows. On the pillar there is an image of a sundial and a heavenly bird - "havk".

Photo: 2. Tatev Syun - "Gavazan".

 The prototypes of the syun - "Gavazan" were the phalluses and gnomons, which inArmenia

are found everywhere. Several millennia before Christianity, the gnomons were used to determine the time of the day and the geographical latitude of the terrain (using the shadow).

 The ancient Armenian Christian cross-domed churches are strictly oriented

to the East. Therefore, at first we were very surprised by the "strange" orientation of the main

Tatev temple - to the northeast - azimuth 67.5˚. Let's remember this figure and continue.

 In the ancient times, there were several calendars. Ancient Armenian hard "Haykyan" calendar (like the Egyptian and the Old Persian) had 13 months, 12 of which had 30 days and the 13th month consisted of 5 days. (The Egyptians considered it as a month of the birth of the gods).

 The ancient Armenians called the 13th month "havelyats", which literally means the appearance of the constellation of Hayk-Orion (remember, great-grandfather, beginning of the beginning), which initiates the start of time.

 On the first day of the 13th month, on August 6th at 6am, Sun appears along the azimuth 67.5˚. (Note the angle of deviation from the east of 22.5˚).

 Based on the knowledge of the ancestors, Anania Shirakatsi in his works captured the ancient Armenian names for years, months, days of the week and even hours.

 According to the law of the Haykyan calendar, the first hour of the day began with the rising of the sun at 6am and was called "ayg" ("aygebats" - sunrise, dawn). This is logical.

But why on this list the 22nd hour, from 3am to 4am, the interval is called "aravot" – which in modern Armenian means the morning? Ideological interpretation will help here.

The ancient Armenian words deciphering “aravot” are:  "ar" – means to take, to receive; "av" means the message; "vot" means the leg, the movement. Therefore we can interpret “aravot” as “take, realize the message of the heavenly movement”. In other words, the "aravot" points to some important stellar event and the regularity that is the basis of this hour. So what happens at 4 o’clock at night?

Photo: 3. The rise of Hayk Orion in Tatev on the day of Navasard August 11, 4am.

 We first saw this picture in 2008 in Tatev Monastery on August 11 exactly at 4am. In front of us, on the eastern side of the sky was shining the constellation of Hayk-Orion, and just above the Rocking Pillar (the syun), the Orion belt stood vertically, as if connecting heaven and earth!

 It must be said that August 11 is a special day. It was on this day that the main holiday of Armenians, the "Navasard" (Star New Year) would start. During Navasard Armenians would celebrate an appearance of their ancestor Hayk - the rise of the constellation of Orion. Exactly from this starting day the ancient "Haykyan" (2492) BC) and "Navasardyan" (from 1084 to 1616 years) annual calendar cycles begin. According to the definition of the ancient Armenian historians, "Navasard" - "Nor asi zhamanakashrjan e" - is translated as a time of new information, more precisely, a time of the renewal of energy information of our planet. From the same sources, "Navasard" is defined also as "nave-ase - (beretz) ard", which literally means a ship that brings information at the moment, i.e. star navigator, periodically (every year) renewing the energy information of the space on a cosmos-planetary scale. The true ideology of orientation and navigation immediately becomes clear.

Let’s restore the full picture of the 13th month:

 On the first day of the 13th month, on August 6th at 6am, the Sun appears at the azimuth 67.5˚.

 The month of the birth of the gods ends on the 11th of August when the Hayk-Orion belt stands vertically on the pillar at 4 am at azimuth 98˚. at an altitude of 7˚. above the horizon; and when the rise of the star Betelgeuse - one of the main stars of the constellation of Orion (in Armenian: "Lusaber" - bringing light) happens directly to the east at azimuth 89˚.  

The sun on the 11th of August rises at azimuth 69˚. two hours after the rise of Orion, completing a whole triple correlation of the heavenly bodies.

This is the heavenly balance that is created once in 25920 years (1 star year), when the belt of Orion reaches its culmination point (practically reaches the celestial equator) and correlates with the movement of the Sun - the Sothic cycle (1460 years).

To complete the picture, it is impossible not to mention an eternal companion of Hayk-

Orion, the star of the constellation of the Canis Major – the Sirius - the Dog (Canis in Latin) of Hayk. Full cycle energy exchange ends precisely with the rise of this star. This is also confirmed by the performed measurements. At the site of the Tatev Observatory a special place is dedicated for the Sirius observation: the observation point is from the right corner of the platform - directly above the top of the tower.

The further study of the complex showed that in its layout and architecture the knowledge was embedded. Knowledge about the cardinal directions: north-south, east-west; about locating the

poles of the world and the passage of the earth's axis; about the passage of the earthly and heavenly equators ...

The basic constants are shown such as the angle 11.25˚; angle - 39.5˚ ... For orientation and

calculations separate details were used (windows, dome, entrance ...), as well as the buildings themselves, orientations and corners of the monastery walls and also the observation deck.

All our measurements and calculations confirmed that the Tatev Monastery is a unique ancient observatory. Here, with the highest accuracy the ancients measured time of day - 24 hours, time of earth year - 365 days (including Sothic cycle) and time of the star year - 25920 years (great precession)!

It is clear that in order to build such a complex, it was necessary to possess

a vast knowledge base in various fields ... (We omit the details due to time limitation).

Part 2:

Photo: 4. Tatev monastePhoto: 5. TheTempleof the "Celestial Angels" Zvartnots. 

Photo: 6. The same angles are also found in the drawing of the Tatev Pillar (syun) section (top view). The red line is an axis of oscillation of the syun.

Photo: 7. Тhe cosmic planetary system.

 TheTempleof the "Celestial Angels" Zvartnots (VII century) is oriented to the east, but the left side altar (azimuth 67.5˚, deviation from the east 22.5˚) - also indicates the rise of the Sun during the days of Navasard. This temple was built on a site of the even more ancient sanctuary - thetempleofTir- god of the calendar, science and writing (inEgyptit is Thoth and inGreeceit is Hermes).

The same angles are also found in the drawing of the Tatev Pillar (syun) section (top view). The red line is an axis of oscillation of the syun.

When we began to consider other ancient temple complexes (Zvartnots, Noravank, Vorotnavank ...) from the astronomical aspect viewpoint, we noticed that the same parameters were laid down in their layout and architecture, the same orientations and angles. This suggests that they all were representing, if I may say so, the beautiful astronomical instruments and possessed parameters laid in the cosmic planetary system.

Astronomical knowledge is laid in the basis of much more ancient objects ofArmenia.

 The ancient observatory Karahunj. which is dated, according to the various sources, from 7,500 up to 12,000 years old.

These ancient sites at different times was examined by a number of scientists: E.Parsamyan,

P.Heruni, N.Bochkarev, O.Henkykian, G.Klajner ...

The research was carried out employing four strictly scientific methods. 223 megaliths have been examined, 84 of which have through holes. Astronomical instruments were discovered - goniometers, solar goniometers - trays, telescopes, periscopes ... According to the conclusions drawn from these expeditions – Karahunj without doubt is the world's oldest observatory.

From 2014 to 2017, we have organized several international

expeditions to Karahunj. The main task of the study of Karahundj was the

detection of a megalith pointing to the constellation of Orion on the Day of Navasard

(Armenian New Year). It was on this day, August 11 at 4am that we saw the Orion Belt

(three stars of the constellation Orion), through the hole of the central 63rd

megalith of the ancient observatory.

Photo: 8. The rise of Hayk Orion in Karahunj on the day of Navasard August 11, 4am.

We can confidently state the fact that Observers-Astronomers of the ancient Karahunj based their calculations of the calendar on a leading role of the constellation of Hayk-Orion and its motion with respect to the star equator (great precession of 25920 years). Orion Belt is a kind of "star pendulum". For 12960 years, it descends to the lowest point of its movement, and the next 12960 years, rising, it reaches the highest point, approaching the celestial equator at maximum. At the present time, the belt of Orion is as close as possible to the celestial equator and almost reached it, the Belt of Orion has reached its culmination which means the beginning of a new the celestial era, beginning of the New Celestial Year. Which means that to observe the similar phenomenon from the Karahunj observatory was possible only 25920 years ago! (and this gives us some credentials for a revision of the dating of Karahunj ...).

Photo: 9. Sky equator. Betelgeuse azimuth 89 degrees. Orion Belt azimuth 98 degrees on the top of the pillar-syun (7 degrees above horizon).

Going forward. Studies of the ancient metallurgical complex and observatory Metsamor (V-IV millennium BC) have shown that the main orientation of the observatory Metsamor is also an orientation to the east.

This orientation is indicated by a T-shaped notch, about 20 cm long, located on the summit of the hill with 7 steps (oriented to the north-south and east). And again an analogy: 7 steps, 7 degrees. Involuntarily one starts remembering the seventh heaven ...

The megalith with a hole indicates to the north and to the geographical North Pole.

On the site we see multiple petroglyphs, in all likelihood associated with the celestial objects and a calendar. We also see the holes in stones similar to the holes in the Karahunj.

Summarizing the above information, we can say with certainty that on all these ancient sites the predecessors were constantly watching the movements of the celestial objects.

Part 3

But if such powerful information about time and its calculation was employed in site planning, orientation and architecture, and if our great-grandfathers strictly observed and celebrated all the

important dates, giving priority to the Navasard, then somewhere there should be another information, an information on the presence of energy information flows of time ... And there it is ... The symbolism of the ancient temples says a lot, if not everything ... It says about an encrypted knowledge of the crystal grid, about crystallization of consciousness, about reincarnation, about left and right rotating spiral streams forming DNA, about eternity, infinity, and the structure of our galaxy ...

Over a number of years, we have been engaged in measuring energy information flows, appearing during the ascent of the stars, and their influence on the surrounding world.

In 2015 an international Russian-Armenian expedition held a study of the bioenergy of the ancient sites ofArmenia. The participants from the Russian side were V. Stasiv, V. Pravdivtsev, S. Ivanchuk and the laboratory "SPHERE". An Armenian side was represented by a group of independent researchers led by V. Gevorgyan and the integral laboratory of theInstituteofPhysiologyofArmeniaunder the leadership of R. Sargsyan. A well-known explorer of the ancient civilizations, the author Graham Hancock accepted our invitation and joined our expedition.

The studies were conducted using:

• Mirrors of Kozyrev

• APK "Adaptometry" device

• the diagnostic tool "Lotos" - "Onyx"

• bioscopes

• ionomers

• geomagnetometers

Using the APK “Adaptometry” device and the diagnostic tool “Lotos”-“Onyx” Verona Stasiv conducted the measurements of the human condition:

- before and after visiting the ancient sites (places of power);

- before and after the rise of Orion.

The results are simply incredible. For clarity, let's give an example:

This measurement directly at Karahunj on the morning  of August 11, before and after the rise of Orion:

Photo: 10. The first picture is before the rise of Orion, the second picture is after the rise of Orion.

The first picture shows the changes in the holographic matrix.

On the second picture - as you can see, the holographic matrix, after a rather short period of time (less than an hour) comes to norm and takes practically an ideal shape, which indicates a powerful positive effect of influence of the energy flows on the human body.

Photo: 11. All the parameters of the human organism came to norm after the rise of Orion.For eight years now we have been cooperating with the Academician L.A. Orbeli Institute of Physiology ofArmeniaand the Integrative Laboratory of Biology of the doctor- professor of biological sciences R.S.Sargsyan.

R.S.Sargsyan created a unique device - a bioscope that identifies and tracks quantum

changes in the energy information fields. With the help of this device, over a number of years, exactly on August 11 (early morning at 4am), we have been conducting the measurements directly on the ancient sites. As you can see the results from the different years are identical.

Photo: 11. Campground at Halidzor. During the moment of the rise of Orion at 4am the bioscope identifies a sharp burst. August 11, 2012 at Karahunj. The rise of Orion at 4am on August 11, 2017 the bioscope identifies an analogous burst.

The table compilation is based on the bioscope measurements performed with the hermetically closed container with water. (2017, Integrative laboratory of theInstituteofPhysiology, R.S. Sargsyan)

THE  RISE OF THE ORION  (August 11, 2017, 4amYerevantime)

A little later Rafik Shavarshevich Sargsyan in his address will report more about the results of our joint research and his instrument, and will present the results of the ionometer measurements of the redox potential of the environment

But it is much more striking that the instruments located huge distances away from these ancient sites, (such as Yerevan, Moscow, Yekaterinburg), also respond to the rise of Orion and Sirius specifically in the Armenian sky. In Yekaterinburg, on August 22, 2017, the ionomer and bioscope recorded a specific time of rise and formation of the Sirius at the 7th degree (inArmenia), (04:10amMoscowtime – 05:10amYerevantime). Here it is appropriate to recall the theory of Nikolai Kozyrev on instantaneous propagation of the energy-information of time, coming from the stars ... And this speaks of the influence of this phenomenon on a planetary scale.

The generalized results of work performed with an ionomer show that the redox potential in the natural environment and Kozyrev's Mirrors is reduced, and the distorted quantum consciousness of the megacities, on the contrary, increases the redox potential, and leads to the oxidation and destruction of the body.

Based on the results of the 2016 experiments conducted on August 11 inMoscowand on August 22 in Ekaterinburg, ionomers showed a decrease in the oxidation-restauration potential (Eh) (redox potential) of water by about 3mV and 62 mV (millivolt), respectively.

The scientific supervisor of the labortory "SPHERE" V.L.Pravdivtsev made a conclusion and put forward the following hypothesis:

"The redox potential of human blood (which is based on water) during this period decreases. And this means that blood obtains additional antioxidant properties, which increases its ability to neutralize dangerous free radicals and works as a prevention of cancer. Besides, it is known that antioxidants affect certain receptors of the biological cells and are responsible for cell regeneration and performance. In other words, a hypothetical flow of cosmic radiation, through which the Earth passes on August 11 and 22, has a beneficial effect on the human body, it stimulates the body and makes it able to regenerate cells that have lost their working capacity, that is, it leads the body to self-recovery, to return to the so-called "health point". (The end quotation).

According to the summary results of the various measurements and experiments, we can accurately conclude that at the moment of the Orion's rise we witness a drastic change in the state and properties of the energy information field. It gets reset, gets updated ...and, so to speak, produces a kind of reboot - restart. The energy information flows of those particular days strengthen life-sustaining forces of the body, bringing to normal all the human parameters in both the astral and in the mental plane. In other words, we can say that the resonance and synchronization with the Cosmos are happening at this moment and our ancestors had been so persistently pointing this out to us.

Photo 12:Egypt. The projection of three stars of the Orion belt in the form of three Egyptian pyramids ofGiza."On earth as in heaven"The Egyptian god of wisdom and knowledge – Thoth.

Here it is appropriate to cite the testimonies of the historian of ancient Egypt Manetho (3rd century BC), the main meaning of what he speaks about is the followingAt the dawn of the rise of the Egyptian civilization, the demigods arrived toEgyptfrom the north-east and along with other knowledge they gave to the Egyptians the calendar. They strictly ordered that nobody should ever violate the laws of the calendar and should never change the point of reference (August 11) or else the civilization will disappear.

Therefore, all the pharaohs, entering the throne, necessarily swore: "Do not tamper with the calendar"Alas, over time these laws were violated and the Great Civilization of Egypt simply sank into oblivion. It's also time for us to think about this ...

In conclusion, we would like to thank our like-minded friends who participated in our expeditions and experiments and who have been standing beside us for all these years.