Star New Year:

 Star New Year:

In 2012 on 11th of August at 4:00 am ended one stellar cycle-stellar year- 25920 years. A new era and a new evolutionary stage in human consciousness began. This event was marked by the rising of Orion's belt and the achievement of star Mintaka to celestial equator. This phenomenon can be observed from the oldest observatory - Tatev monastery. This is exactly the place where Orion's belt straightens and stands above Tatev column (Syun) vertical ground plane, connecting sky and earth, opening the celestial gates named “ akhimut” by Egyptians. In Armenian it means consciousness update.

Reaching its highest point - the celestial equator, the star Mintaka (in arm. "Kshirk" - equilibrium) also marks the beginning of the New stellar cycle - New stellar year, being the zero point of time measurement, synchronizing cosmic and terrestrial time (vertical - horizontal, ie, cross). By recreating the lost knowledge of our ancestors - the cosmic calendar, man will reach to natural harmony by synchronizing it with a space.
We invite people of good will who care about our planet to join us and mentally unite around Tatev Swinging Column on 11th of August 2014 at 04:00 till 04:30 AM (Armenia time) wishing to our planet and universe peace and prosperity. Let’s celebrate together this Astronomic New Year!
We sure the more people involved in this process, the more effective will be the harmonization and synchronization of the evolution of human consciousness. This will help to stand on a qualitatively new stage of evolution.

 P.S. Big request to all people who will take part in this event. Please describe your feelings at the time of synchronization. Maybe you will get any information or knowledge, see symbols or pictures, even be able to overcome time barriers and see the pictures of the past or the future ... Please write down everything in details and send it to us:
This is very important for the implementation of the next steps! All material will be explored and systematized.

 You can see the information concerning our last year’s experiment by the link below, where is described in details what we exactly have done.

 With wishes of kindness and peace, 

With love from Tatev