Еxperiment "OARION"

News from 21.08.2013


Under the scientific aegis of  ISRICA (Novosibirsk, Russia) August 11 of this year, for the first time in the world, was held cosmoplanet paleo-astronomical experiment "OARION", which held as part of an international expedition of the same name, which held from the 7 to 21 August, a group led by a talented Armenian researcher Vazgen Gevorgyan was organized . The monastery Armenia Tatev was the epicenter of the scientific events of early in the morning of August 11 and also megalithic sites with traces of Reason many-thousand-year-old which had not yet studied by archaeologists.

The aim of the study was to examine the unique cultural, historical and paleo-astronomical objects of this country in terms of their potential impact on the geo-ecological modern man and the whole of civilization.

In field researches was used a complex of original devices and technologies developed in Armenia, Russia and USA. Among them the device "bioscope, intended for objective fixation of interactions in the system «man - technical device»computer program «Helios», which assesses the value of the functional dependence of the human organism from influence of cosmic factors on different stages of ontogenesis,         diagnostic technique of individual helio-magnetic  sensitive of a person , devices for conductometry its tissues,     Polaroid Kirlian photography ( was developed by S.Blank), portable magnetometers, as well as original water-holographic-and mirror-laser technologies ISRICA

The program of synchronous distant-shaped interactions «OARION», which was attended by about 150 representatives of Armenia, Russia, Bulgaria, USA and Canada, was devoted to the evaluation of the effectiveness of distance «competitive» reception figurative and symbolic data transferred from the Tatev monastery IX century in Armenia, considered by us as paleo-astronomic object of «Kozyrev's Mirrors» in Novosibirsk and of the Kozyrev's mirrorlike dummy of the new structure (see photo gallery), located in the area of megalithic monuments (about 8 - 10 thousand years BC), by assumption V.Gevorgyan.

Preliminary results. In the presence of high-level independent experts, it was recorded that V. Gevorgyan pinpointed one of the most important paleo-astronomic landmarks of the past eras - the beginning of the new year (according to the ancient Armenian calendar of Ike) - sunrise in the constellation Orion 4-00 August 11and on one of the unique in the world "swinging pole" (xiong) indicates on it. Orion's Belt in 4.00 a.m. (Armenian time) completely went out Xiong and became as it were, its natural extension. The conclusion on this matter gave Gienko Elena G., Ph.D., senior lecturer in chair of astronomy and gravimetry of SSGA (Siberian State Academy of Geodesy), Novosibirsk: "The following fact: indeed, the highest position relative to the celestial equator Orion took 10-11 August 2012 and it is wonderful! Next time will be by 26 000 years! Swinging pole. Amazing building! What engineering solution! What's the stone carving and symbolism! And as passed to the rotation of the Earth (or celestial sphere). Your idea about the connection of heaven and earth through the stele and Orion's belt was loved. The vertical column, or Gnomon is the oldest astronomical tool, allowing to mark time during the day and the date during the year (calendar), and gives the direction to the North (the importance of this direction is a place where the stars don't come region of the Sky). The carved bird and 12 sectors are showing on the possibility of applying the swinging post as hours (a tool for timing).

11 August Orion changed of direction of movement relative to the astronomical equator. - It is a good date and time markers. "


In times of global distant-shaped experiment accurate description cosmo-planetary and paleo-psychological situation in the area was given only those scholars from Russia and the us, who have passed special training - they drank light holographically treated water during 3 weeks(used the light reflecting hologram ISRICA of new type under the conditional name «Eye of Sirius»). It became clear that this water let significantly expand functional reserves of brain of researchers . Once more was proved the key role of Kozyrev space, providing an entry to the paleo-psychological horizons of the Earth information field and a holographic Universe.

It was shown (according to Kirlian photography) that the rise of Orion and associated cosmophysical factors significantly alter the structure of the human field (see Kirlian photographs of the photo essay) alter the functional symmetry of the electrical conductivity at acupuncture points (according conductimetry) change of heart vascular homeostasis and the subjective sense of time at geliochuvstvitelnyh testers. A series of paradoxical signals was recorded by such devices as "Bioscope" and magnetometers (in binary), high-gradient dynamics of the geomagnetic field in the field of observation, and by the researchers themselves - a cascade of extraordinary lighting effects.

Successfully conducted and methodological experiment that, in the future, using the new system, "Kozyrev mirrors" conducted in Armenia paleo-arheologic studies with different time lag without the use of traditional excavation. Working in a "mirror tent" in the valley of the river Vorotan researchers were able to give accurate descriptions of the differing considerably distant in time of cultural and historical events that have yet to be verified in story measure.
Forthcoming and mathematical treatment of the data obtained with the use of modern statistical programs and evaluation of the results of observations in the period V.Gevorgyan rising of Sirius (in the morning of the 21st August), but it is now becoming clear that the cosmo-reaching monitoring processes should be organized in the area of Armenia interdisciplinary laboratory research in which the work is ready to participate ISRICA.

The Institute is exceedingly grateful to Vazgen, Elena and Lilite Gevorgyan for the clear and inspired organization of expeditions and also all participating colleagues, and Dr. Garo Kababjian for sponsorship to ensure the most important for Armenia and for the whole civilization of science.