Tour "Secrets of Syunik"
This tour will open some secrets that have been kept for centuries...
Tour "Stone Chronicle"
This tour will make you sure that stones in Armenia really are talking!

Our company is not just a simple tourist company. It is created based on our own research and discoveries, so it includes a permanent research department which takes an important place (you can get acquainted with its work on our website). We are sure that what we faced, what we discovered and continue to discover have an important meaning for the whole humanity! This, if we can say so, is a new vision of world and the universe. Even it seems like the already famous things are reinvented, opening up a new way.  

So, along with new unique exclusive tours we conduct classic, well-known tours, which are filled with a new meaning, a new content and sound in a new way.


In this section, we want to present you with the available materials of our expeditions and investigations, and to offer you to take a participation in new projects – to be a discoverer, to experience the taste of creative research and knowledge.